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[Photo - below - shows the 'Nakku Betta Koottu' - the grand meeting of Badagas from all over,held under the leadership of Rao Bahadur Bellie Gowder (Nakku Betta Raja -Bellie Gowda) in Hubbathalai Village about a 100 years ago]


On the unique BADAGA community of the Nilgiris......


…their origin, language, culture and customs !!

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The following photos are from Thurston's Book "Castes and Tribes of South India" published in 1909 by Government of India Press, Madras

Badaga Temple - This must be one of the oldest Badaga temples as the photo was published in 1909. The deity of this temple? Also, notice the elephant, horse and the snake on the outer wall. Any guess as to where this temple is located??

Badaga Temple

Madivale - A get together of Badagas once in a few years to 'pay homage to relatives who had passed away". No more in existance, now a days.

Fire Making by Badagas -1909
Badaga girls in 1909 or earlier
Badaga girls in 1909 or earlier. At first glance it appears as though these girls are wearing 'pattu - head gear'.Take a closer look, their heads have been partially shaved. Did this signify any particular custom or period in the lives of these very young girls. No info available in Thurston's book

Badagas, in their DHODDA KUPPACHA (a flowing gown like attire) dancing to Kota music.
Photo drawing from : ‘Counsel from the Ancients – A study of Badaga Proverbs, Prayers, Omens and Curses’

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